Fast prototyping

You want to develop a connected solution quickly?

myConnecTech can give you some solutions:

  • Choice of connection type
  • Development
  • Data integration

You have a product and are looking to connect it, we can help you do it quickly.

Available platforms

The development of “POC” (Proof Of Concept) requires the use of a simple but effective platform.

Depending on the need, an Arduino, a Raspberry or any other solution (based on PIC, ARM or other) can be used.

LORA Network

A community LoRaWan network exists in Blois – based on the project “The Thing Network” to deploy connected objects.

Gateways are used to manage messages sent by objects. The transmitted information is received in complete security (the data is encrypted) by the dedicated applications.

Gateway instals at the LAB

Note the long range of this means of communication (several km), as well as its very low consumption.

An alternative solution to Sigfox, Orange or Bouygues!